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20 easy home safety hacks

Blog by Kim Twohey | November 12th, 2015


Home security is a topic that many homeowners are interested in.  We love our homes and our families.  We want to keep both of them safe.  Here are some home safety hacks that you can start using today!

Check your doors and windows every night to ensure they are secure.

Turn on your exterior lights after the sun goes down.

Put an interior lamp on a timer and program it to turn on and off at different times.  You can do this with radios and televisions, too. 

Trim trees and shrubs that give burglars a place to hide while they are trying to access your home.

Promptly bring in mail and newspapers.

Do not bring your trash bins to the curb days in advance.  If you are going to be away, ask a neighbour to do it for you on your regular garbage pick-up day. 

Put away outside equipment and children’s toys.

Lock your shed.

Use wooden dowels in window frames and sliding door frames.

Do not leave an extra key hidden outside.

Install a security system.

Ensure valuables, purses, and wallets are not easily spotted from outside.

Keep your car keys by your bed at night.  Activate your car alarm if you hear someone rustling around outside your home.

If possible, park your car in the garage.

If you cannot park your car in the garage, be sure to remove all valuables every night and lock the doors. 

Join (or start!) a local neighbourhood watch.

Install motion activated lights around your property, especially near potential points of entry.

Put up a “Beware of Dog” sign.

Lock the door between your garage and your house.

Install an exterior security camera