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How to enjoy seasonal decorating when selling your house

Blog by Kim Twohey | September 26th, 2017

There is just something about the fall and early winter months that compel many people to put out seasonal decorations.  Fall foliage wreaths, Thanksgiving table runners, spooky Halloween decorations, and Christmas ornaments can be seen in neighbourhoods across the city from September through to January.  Many Sellers worry they will have to abandon festive decorations once their house hits the market.  Seasonal decorating can be incorporated into your home staging plan and here are some tips to help you do it successfully!

1.  Start with staging and cleaning

Before you even pull out that huge Tupperware container full of seasonal decorations, do a thorough clean, purge, and staging of your home.   Click here for some advice on common staging mistakes and how to avoid them.  Once cleaning and basic staging are completed, you can begin to incorporate some of your seasonal decorations.

2.  Highlight your home’s best features

Use your seasonal decorations to highlight some of your home’s best features, especially architectural elements.  A welcoming wreath on your beautiful front door, a tasteful garland around an arched doorway, or a simple and elegant display on your mantle can bring in the seasonal cheer and accentuate details of your home that you want Buyers to notice.

3.  Align decorations with your home’s colour palette

Use decorations that fit in with your home’s existing colour palette.  This helps them to seem like a more organic part of your home’s décor.  Decorations that are too bright or clash with what is already in the room will create a negative reaction from Buyers.  If you are not sure how to pick decorations that are aligned with the colours you are already using in your home, use an online colour wheel to identify colours, tones, and hues that will enhance the space. 

4.  Use scents to create the mood

You can tastefully invoke a festive mood by carefully using classic holiday scents in your home.  Things like scented pinecones, fresh sage wreaths, and a simmering homemade potpourri can create an inviting mood without being overpowering to the senses and they do not add clutter to the space. 

5.  Keep up with your curb appeal

Longer nights mean more showings happen in the dark during the period from October through to January.  This does not mean you should forsake exterior curb appeal.  Make sure the exterior of your home is tidy and welcoming.  A seasonal wreath on the door or custom planters can help to warm up the entrance.  If you are decorating with exterior lights, use the classic plain white lights for a clean look that does not distract from a Buyer’s first impression of your home. 

Seasonal decorating and successfully selling your home do not need to be mutually exclusive!  When selling over the fall and early winter months, use seasonal decorating to enhance a Buyer’s experience of your home while maintaining a space where you can comfortably host family and friends for a holiday meal.  If you have questions about selling, please feel free to contact me for a chat!