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Pros and cons of buying in Calgary or a nearby town

Blog by Kim Twohey | April 13th, 2016


Is it just me, or does the Calgary area offer the best of both worlds?  We live in a vibrant city comprised of a variety of neighbourhoods.  We are also surrounded by smaller cities and towns that offer their own unique charm and are close enough to commute to Calgary for work and play!

Not far from the city limits, there are a plethora of small cities and towns with a variety of residential housing options at a wide range of price points.  AirdrieCochraneOkotoks, Strathmore, and Chestermere are just a few of the great places you can buy a home.  

With so many options, it can be tough to decide between living right in Calgary or in one of the surrounding communities.  Here are a few pros and cons for you to consider.


Out of town

Close to every amenity imaginable

May have lengthy commute to work


Public transportation

Small town charm and ambience


Several hospitals

Houses may be more affordable


May spend more time driving to complete errands if amenities are spread across the city

Recreational opportunities


Wide range of neighbourhoods

May not have easy access to all desired amenities


Arts, culture, and recreational activities abound


May find a great sense of community

Large inventory of houses to choose from


Lower population density

Wide range of housing options

Plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community


Higher population density

Limited influence from commercial and industrial activity


Plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community

Neighbourhoods may be quieter and more spread out offering peace and privacy


More commercial and industrial activity

May have more space to store recreational vehicles