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Report your 2019 home sale on your tax return

Blog by Kim Twohey | February 12th, 2020

Did you sell your home in 2019?  You will need to report that information on your tax return.   Here is what you need to know.

What is a principal residence?

A principal residence is a residential property that you owned and occupied at any point during the year.  This can be your main residence, a cottage, or a mobile home.

What are capital gains?

Capital gains are the profits you received when you sold your home.  This money is subject to capital gains tax. 

What is the capital gains tax exemption? 

When you sell your principal residence, the Canada Revenue Agency exempts you from paying capital gains tax on the profits that you earned.  

What needs to be reported?

When you prepare your 2019 tax return, you will need to report details of your home sale including a brief description of the property, the date you first bought the home, the date you sold the home, and proceeds of disposition.  This information needs to be reported even if you are fully exempted from the capital gains tax.  

How is the sale reported?

When preparing your tax return, you will need to complete a Schedule 3.  If at any time you used the property to earn income, even if it was your principal residence at the time you sold it, you will be required to complete additional forms (Form T2091 or FormT1255) to provide more details. 

While it might seem like extra work for something that remains completely tax-exempt, it is important to report the information correctly.  Failure to report this information may put you at risk for a financial penalty from the Canada Revenue Agency. 

This information is a general guideline intended to remind you to include details of your home sale when preparing your tax return.  You should always consult directly with the Canada Revenue Agency or a qualified accountant for more information and advice specific to your situation.