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The Kim Twohey Experience

Blog by Kim Twohey | July 20th, 2016


One of the questions I am often asked by potential new clients is what can they expect from working with me.  Who better to answer that question than someone who has worked with me?  One of my clients, Natalie, was kind enough to put together a few paragraphs on her experience.

“We were looking for an affordable home in Calgary and went to look at an open house we thought would be within our budget.  We happened to cross the street to another open house.  The house had been recently painted, all white. . .   with oil paint. . . even the ceilings.  The house still smelled like fresh paint!  It was awful.  Lucky for us, Kim was the Realtor showing the house.  She knew we didn’t like the house but she talked to us about our options and offered to find some homes to show us.  But the funny thing was, we weren’t looking for a Realtor and we weren’t really seriously looking for a house to buy. Regardless, we felt comfortable with Kim because of her down-to-earth attitude.

Our biggest worries when we were buying were the rising house costs and the competition with multiple offers.  The market had gone crazy!  Kim showed us a few houses and we ended up putting an offer in on two of them.  We were unsuccessful because the price went much higher than we offered.

We put a quick offer in on a home in Coventry Hills and the offer was accepted.  After applying some paint to the inside and cleaning it up a bit, we decided to sell it on our own.  Kim went on the hunt for us again.  She found us a sweet little house in the same neighbourhood.  Then, one day I was driving around, checking out brand new Show Homes and I found a beautiful Jayman home that seemed affordable.  It was much larger than our current home.  We went back to Kim again and asked her to find us a larger used house in the Hidden Valley area. 

Kim very patiently showed us a number of houses in the area.  After visiting at least 8 houses, Kim called and suggested we look at a new listing.  She met me there right away and I fell in love with the house!  I said, “Put an offer in right now!”  It was more expensive than we anticipated but the bank was able to work the numbers so we could afford it.  Kim negotiated hard on our behalf and “won” the house for us with her shrewd negotiation skills.

Even though we decided to sell our houses on our own, Kim was supportive and even offered to provide her expertise if we needed advice.  This support, even though she wasn’t making any money from us, was why we continued to work with her.  Kim made us feel she was truly working for us, not for her own gain.

Kim is funny and straightforward.  We never felt we were being given the “sales pitch.”  We always knew Kim was working to find us the house that suited us best.  Along the way, she has always been upfront and honestly told us when we were expecting too much from a house and not to expect to get everything on our wish list.  Of course, the almost perfect house was out there. . .  and Kim found it for us.

I have recommended Kim to friends and what I say is that she will work her tail off to find you a home. She isn’t one who will “sign you up” as a client and then leave you to do your own searching. She is pragmatic.  She is the most attentive (and honest) realtor I’ve ever worked with.

We appreciate that Kim has included us in her “fold” of friends and I feel that Kim has become more than just my Realtor. She is a very generous person and I think that’s what makes her successful.”