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Why shopping local matters

Blog by Kim Twohey | March 9th, 2016


In this day and age of global connectivity, many people are looking to connect locally within their own communities.  One of the best ways to do this is by shopping local.  Accessing the stores and services within your neighbourhood has many benefits beyond supporting the local economy.

Get to know your neighbours

When you are accessing local home based businesses or retail stores then you have the opportunity to meet other community members.  This can be a great way to create a support network within your neighbourhood and help to foster a sense of community spirit.  It is face to face social networking (remember that!?) that does not require a login or “Like” button. 

Connected communities are safer communities

There is nothing criminals hate more than close knit neighbourhoods!  When you feel more connected with your community, you are more likely to notice and report suspicious behaviour.  This can help to deter activity like crimes of mischief and break-ins. 

Shopping local can increase the value of your home

Shopping local can help to foster a close knit community and increase the resale value of your home!  Neighbourhoods known for thriving local amenities and a true sense of connection amoungst residents can help homes to fetch a higher selling price since these qualities are desirable to many Buyers.

Local job creation

When you shop or use services in your immediate community, you give these businesses the opportunity to grow and potentially hire more staff!  This creates local jobs for adults and youth alike.

What are some of your favourite neighbourhood businesses?  Tell me about them on Twitter!