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Keep your busy home organized when you are selling

Blog by Kim Twohey | September 29th, 2016


When your home is on the market, you need to keep it in show-ready condition as much as possible.  That can seem like an insurmountable feat when you have a busy family with a full roster of activities!  Here are some easy tips to help you keep your busy home organized and ready for showings.

Make it easy to store and find things

Baskets are a great way to make it easy to store and find things.  There are plenty of inexpensive baskets and storage containers that you can easily incorporate into your closets and household décor.  Baskets give everyone in the family an easy place to throw their stuff.  By containing the mess, baskets help your house to stay tidy and organized without much hassle. 

Give everyone a job to do

Everyone in the family can help keep the house ready to show!  Delegate daily tasks to every family member.  Even small children can help out.  With the tasks divided up between everyone, you can leave the house every morning knowing that it is ready for Buyers to view. 

Store away out of season items

If you have an active family that is involved in different activities year-round, make sure you store away out of season equipment.  This frees up space in your home and helps to make it easier to manage any in-season equipment that your family is using right now. 

Cook once and eat all week

Realistically, Buyers are going to tour your home in the evenings or on weekends.  Instead of having to rush your family through dinner and then tackle a mountain of dishes, try batch cooking instead.  If possible, pick one or two days per week to prepare and freeze meals.  On busy nights, you simply reheat the meal making clean up a breeze!

Create stations around the house

Go through the house and create stations to keep similar items in the same area.  Examples of stations include an area for backpacks, a homework station, a toy station, lunch container station, or a laundry station just to name a few.  As mentioned above, use decorative baskets as an easy way to create and maintain some of your stations.

Busy families can successfully sell their home without a ton of additional stress.  Get the whole family involved in implementing the tips listed above.  As a reward for keeping the house in show-ready condition, plan a family movie night or a special dinner out once the house is sold!  Do you have even more ways to help busy families during the home sale process?  Share your ideas with me on Twitter!