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New to Calgary? Here are 10 things you need to know!

Blog by Kim Twohey | April 27th, 2016


Are you getting ready to move to Calgary?  Let me be the first to welcome you to this incredible city.  You are going to love it here!  Like every city, Calgary has its own amazing features and a few quirks.  Here are ten things you need to know so you can start feeling like a true Calgarian!

Quadrants matter! 

The city is divided into four quadrants:  NW, SW, NE, and SE.  This is important information because each quadrant has streets that you can find in other quadrants.  Looking for 64 Avenue?  There are several in Calgary so make sure you know which quadrant you are heading to.

It is sunny.

Calgary is one of the sunniest large cities in all of Canada!  On average, we get 2396 hours of bright sunshine every year.  That equates to about 333 days of sun.  If you love sunshine and blue skies, then you will enjoy living in Calgary.

The weather really does change quickly.

I am sure you have heard people joke about the weather in Calgary.  “Don’t like the weather?  Wait 5 minutes and it will change!”  There is actually some truth to that oft-repeated joke!  Thanks to our proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the weather can change quickly and drastically.  Get ready to dress in layers. 

Calgary is full of culture.

If you are looking to live somewhere that has a vibrant arts and culture scene, then Calgary will not disappoint!  Calgary offers concerts, festivals, events, theatre productions, gallery shows, and much more throughout the year.  The City of Calgary even has a division dedicated to culture and cultural events in the city.  Check out their website to learn more. 

Calgary is beautiful.

One of my favourite things about this city is how beautiful it is.  Every area has its own features and charm.  Check out my blog post on where to go in Calgary to catch a great view.  In addition to stunning views, there are tons of places to really enjoy nature.  Fish Creek Park, Weaselhead Park, and Nosehill Park are just a few of the popular areas that Calgarians go to walk, bike, and run.  There are over 7000 hectares of parkland within the city limits. 

Calgary is renowned for being a liveable city. 

According to one study, Calgary ranks fifth in the world for being a liveable city.  Calgary can attribute this ranking to factors including, but not limited to, population density, infrastructure, health care services, and education.  

Calgary hosts the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

If you have not heard of the Calgary Stampede yet, you will soon!  The Calgary Stampede, also known as the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, is a 10-day celebration of western culture.  During this time, expect to see more hay bales and cowboy hats than you ever thought possible. 

The restaurants are incredible.

Calgary has amazing restaurants for every taste and craving.  In downtown Calgary alone, there are over 200 dining spots!  You will find delicious and affordable places to eat in every nook and cranny of the city.  Calgary is even the birthplace of one of the tastiest dishes you will ever enjoy, Ginger Beef.  Not sure where to start your culinary adventures in Calgary?  Check out this guide for tips on the best places to eat.   

Sports and recreation are a big thing in Calgary.

We have professional sports teams and some of the best amateur athletes in the world.  Thanks to our successful hosting of the 1988 Winter Olympics, Calgary also has world class training facilities for all types of sports.  There are golf courses throughout the city and an active recreation scene for Calgarians of all ages. 

Everyone is welcome here.

Calgary is truly a multicultural city with residents from 240 different ethnic origins and close to 140 different languages spoken here.  Calgary has a plethora of resources for people who are new to the city and people that are new to the country. 

Whether you are new to Calgary or you have lived here for awhile, share your favourite things about our city with me on Twitter!