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Organize your house to help it sell faster

Blog by Kim Twohey | February 14th, 2018

We all know that home staging is a great tool for helping to showcase a home’s best features and make it more attractive to potential Buyers.  One aspect of preparing to sell that often gets overlooked is home organization.  An organized home often sells faster and for a better price when compared to a home that is drowning in chaos.

Many people put off home organization because of the misperception that it is time-consuming to get set up and cumbersome to maintain.  Home organization done right should be easy to set up and even easier to maintain.  Here are some tips to help you organize your home so that it sells faster.

1.            Have a place for everything

Clutter can quickly overwhelm any space and detract from a home’s features and conveniences.  Start by ensuring everything in your home has a place.  Take a look at the items that end up being left on countertops, shoved haphazardly into drawers, or are thrown onto the floors.  These are the items that need a home.  The solution can be as simple as getting decorative baskets to put everything in or clearing out a shelf or cupboard and storing these items there. 

2.            Declutter

It is difficult to have an organized home if the space is filled with things that you no longer use.  As you are preparing to sell your house, go through your belongings and get rid of anything that you no longer use.  For items that still have life left in them, consider selling them at a garage sale or donating them to a church group or not-for-profit organization of your choice.  One of the best benefits of decluttering is that you will have less stuff to pack and move!

3.            Focus on closets and the pantry

The last thing you want is for a Buyer to find an overflowing closet or pantry.  Even if your home has generous storage space, if these spaces are full to the brim, Buyers will perceive a lack of storage space.    To organize your closets and pantry, start by clearing everything out and put back only the items you use regularly or need easy access to.  Make sure there is white space left over, instead of filling each shelf completely.

4.            Use your home’s vertical space

Transform walls and doors into areas that take your home organization to the next level!  Decorative hooks, nice shelving, and wall mounted organization systems can all help to keep your home organized and they make it a breeze to tidy up quickly when you have last minute showings.  Here are some of my favourite vertical organization ideas. 

Organizing your home as you get ready to sell can help Buyers see the best potential in your home and it is a great way to keep your home clean and tidy with less effort.  If you are not sure where to start, ask your Realtor for advice or consider hiring a professional organizer.  A little expert advice could save you time and money.  Good luck and happy organizing!