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Rebates for green housing updates

Blog by Kim Twohey | May 11th, 2017

Earlier this year, incentives were announced to encourage Albertans to upgrade aspects of their home to greener, more environmentally-friendly options.  Making purposeful changes at home can help to save energy and money.  There are two ways homeowners can potentially take advantage of these rebates.

1.  Direct Install program

The Direct Install program offers installation of energy efficient products such as smart power bars, low-flow shower heads, aerators, and LED lights.  Homeowners and renters who live in single family homes and multi-family homes can access this program.  Homeowners can register for the program here.  Homeowners will be contacted by phone to schedule an appointment with an installer.  During the appointment, the installer will upgrade the home with energy efficient products and also provide tips and education on how to use the products for maximum efficiency and savings.

2.  Cash incentive programs

Homeowners can visit the residential section of Energy Efficiency Alberta website to learn more about cash incentives available for switching to greener products.  The cash incentives include:

-          Instant savings,

-          Online rebates, and

-          Home improvement rebates. 

The cash incentives program can be applied to a wider range of products than what is covered in the Direct Install program.  Cash incentives are available for thermostats, appliances, insulation, windows, tankless hot water heaters, and more. 

In addition to environmental stewardship, there are many benefits to including more energy efficient products in your home.  Many homeowners notice a return on investment in the form of year-round savings on their utility bills.  To find out more about how much you might save, check out the online Home Efficiency Tool

If you are house hunting for a new home with more environmentally friendly features, I can help.  I am a Green Certified Realtor.  This designation requires me to be knowledgeable and current on issues such as energy efficiency and sustainability as they relate to the residential real estate market.  Contact me today to start looking for your environmentally friendly home!