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The truth about what to expect when buying your first home

Blog by Kim Twohey | July 12th, 2017

Buying your first Calgary home is a big deal.  One of the things that can stress first-time Buyers the most is uncertainty about what to expect and how the process will unfold.  Here is the truth about what to expect when you buy your first home.

1.  Stress

Expect stress and prepare for it.  Even if you have the ideal experience with the perfect Realtor, there will be some stress involved since this is a huge investment.  Before you start the house hunting process, make a plan on how you will deal with the stress.  My best recommendation is to have open and honest communication with your Realtor.  We bring a great deal of specialized knowledge and experience to the table.  Whatever your worry is, we probably have information or strategies to help!

2.  Uncertainty

So many people talk about how they “just knew” when they walked into the house that was meant to be their home.  Not everyone has that experience but still ends up making great decisions and buying a home they love.  If you think you like a home, but still have some uncertainty about it, rest assured this is completely normal.  One of the strategies my clients find helpful is to keep their list of must-haves and deal breakers at hand to help them review each prospective property to determine if it is a good choice for them.  Use your Realtor as a sounding board and for advice to help you figure out if it is time to put an offer on a particular house.

3.  Unexpected problems

Problems.  Expect them.  You never really know what surprises you will find behind the walls of your dream home and you certainly cannot control how other people involved in the transaction will affect the process.  If you go into the house hunting experience knowing that problems will likely occur, it makes it less upsetting if something comes up.  Remember that Realtors have helped other clients through various problems and your Realtor will be able to support you. 

4.  Excitement

In addition to the things listed above, your first time home buying experience will also be filled with tons of excitement.  With the right expectations and a great Realtor, the process will be fun, exciting, and something that makes memories to last a lifetime! 

Buying a first home is such a special time, even when it does not go exactly as planned.  What is your favourite memory about buying your first home?  Tell me about it on Twitter or Facebook.